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What is the Membership Site Success Summit?

The Membership Site Success Summit, August 9 – 11, is all about learning proven strategies to build and grow a successful membership site.

Attendees will learn from 20+ experts including the world’s best membership site experts, successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders who will transform the way they think about marketing.


Looking for the BEST days to promote?

 This calendar shows the most important dates for you to promote from August 2 – 4.


If you have questions about this promo calendar, or want help to figure out the best dates for your to promote, don’t hesitate to reach out to: [email protected]



Free Pass 

  • Access to each speaker session for 24 hours

EntrepreneursHQ Membership (upgrade offer)

  • On demand access to all video replays

  • On demand access to downloadable audio (MP3)

  • Action Guides

  • Private Q&A

  • Private FB group

  • Access to all 7 previous Success Summits, as well as upcoming events

What Can I Earn?

The Membership Site Success Summit is a FREE event, but there are lots of opportunities for you to make money. You will be promoting something super valuable and free to your audience – while making money. Awesome, right?

How you will make money:

✓ 40% on all upsells to the EntrepreneursHQ membership (from $47/month). 

✓ You will be given a 12 month affiliate ID, so you will make commission long after the event is over. 

A Small Sample of Our 20+ Lineup

Speakers include Membership Site Influencers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Industry leaders


Timothy Sykes

CEO at Millionaire Media

Justin Ferriman

Co-founder and CEO of LearnDash

Marc Grabanski

CEO at Frontend Masters

Carol Tice

Owner, Freelance Writers Den membership community (1200 members) at Make a Living Writing

Colin Gray

Producer & Speaker at

Stu McLaren

Co-Founder at WishList Products

Jason Snell

Journalist and Podcaster at Six Colors

Chris Ducker

Virtual CEO and Serial Entrepreneur at YouPreneur

How to get on the Leaderboard?
Follow this winning formula…

  • Offer an awesome bonus for signing up through your link, something supporting the content of the Membership Site Success Summit.

  • Publish on LinkedIn Pulse or blog at least once before the summit begins – July 26 – 28.

  • Email at least two times before the summit begins – August 2 – 4. 

  • Email on August 9 (Summit starts TODAY) and August 11 (last day of summit)

  • Share on social media frequently! Post about speakers, topics, what they can learn etc. Keep up the excitement – that draws in the crowds! Use the swipe copy and graphics provided to make it quick and easy.

  • If you are a speaker, mail on the day before your session and a few hours before your session goes live. We will send you a reminder the day before.


Commission Details

✓ Affiliate commission on All-Access pass upsells are 40% of net sales (gross sales – refunds = net sales)

✓ Commissions will be paid out 45 days after the end of a month in which a sale is made. So if someone buys an upgrade on August 9, you are paid on September 23.


House Rules

✓ No cash incentives  

✓ No prizes that you have to buy or pay for

✓ No teaming up with others

✓ No cookie stuffing/cookie dropping

✓ No spamming

✓ You must not portray yourself as EHQ in your marketing efforts, but make it clear you’re promoting the event as an affiliate partner

✓ You can be disqualified from this affiliate program if you’re not following the above listed rules


Just reach out to our affiliate manager, Sarah Thorslund at:


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